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        ABOUT US


        深圳暢思實業有限公司 在中國是較早從事“線性成品排水溝系統的”的推廣和應用的專業性公司.




        Shenzhen Chance Tech Co.,Ltd is a professional enterprise, located in Shenzhen,China.

        We focus on offer easy and ultimate solution for water collection and water drainage system, our product range include water drainage system, PP rain water storage module, rain water pit ect

        We have established our sales branch office in New York Melbourne Sydney Dubai Moscow Shenzhen to offer better on site service for our clients.

        Chance industrial always pass international quality tests, such as SGS ASTM and CTI. We have attained many international certificates, such as CE MSDS and ROSH etc

        With high quality, fashionable designs and best service. Our products and company have already won reputation in many areas, especially in Australia, America, Middle East, Europe, Asia etc

        Moreover, we always insist on people oriented an eastern and western integrated culture.

        Not only we can provide high quality product, but also offer designing service

        Based on the guideline of “Profession, Honesty Innovation”, we always help our customers to save time and cost and focus on providing the best service and products

        You are warmly welcome to cooperate with us  

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